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VWMom 10:34 AM 03-24-2016
I have a dcm who is a young mom (22). Came to me and is a friend of my teenage son And they work together at a local fast food restaurant
She has been a pain in my butt since starting here 6 months ago. Her daughter is constantly suffering from "allergies". You know the kind-wet cough with snotty nose. Generally an unhappy 1 yr old anyway. Cries constantly and especially if another gets too close to her. Her mom has posted all week on FB about how the mom and daughter are sick and dying. Updates two or three times a day about their general lousy condition. Yesterday announced they both had pinkeye. Would you believe she showed up today!?! I met her in the driveway and told her she didn't even need to get the dcg out of the car, as I was excluding her until her eyes were no longer red or showing any signs of watering. She tried to tell me it was allergies. I said "no it isn't". She has spent the day posting vague statuses on FB directed at me. Oy vey! Can you say terminated!!!!!!
thrivingchildcarecom 10:41 AM 03-24-2016
I just posted a reply on another post about parent's not keeping sick kids at home. They seem to only be concerned that other sick kids stay home and not theirs.

Anyway, in recent years I have found it very helpful to send an "Illness Exclusion" form home with a child whenever they are being excused for illness. I have one for severe illness (which requires a note from the doctor to return) and one for minor illness (that is conditional depending on if the child improves within 24 hours).

For me, it really helps to have prewritten messages or forms at the ready. It helps me keep my frustration in check and yet respond appropriately to the situation.

Let me know if you would like a copy. Just send me a PM and your email address and I would be happy to share.
Ariana 02:44 PM 03-24-2016
Do you have a list of symptoms and illnesses in your contract that you exclude for? If not make one. I only keep kids with allergies if there is a DR note affirming that they are in fact allergies (such as an asthma cough). I will only provide care for children with slight cough and clear runny nose. Anything above and beyond that is exclusion. This is all outlined in my contract and every fall I send it home in an email to reiterate my illness policy. I have turned away my fair share of parents even with these very clear directions!
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