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hope 05:03 AM 07-28-2014
I wanted to update my handbook and contract because after being on this forum I realized there is so much I have left out. Would anyone have a copy they can share with me so I can get some ideas of where to start?
ILoveTeaching 04:44 PM 03-29-2016
I'd also love to see these
Michael 08:54 PM 03-29-2016
Some samples here:
organicdclady 09:53 PM 03-29-2016
I am looking to re-do my contract as well as I feel like the 30 page document basically goes into the garbage after I go over it with parents, and surprise surprise dcm never knew candy wasn't allowed at daycare! I saw on another post that someone suggested Tom's book on contracts and policies. I am looking at purchasing the kindle version. I have no CD drive on my macbook or chrome book, is the information on the CD included in the kindle version? Or is that only something you get if you purchase the hard copy? Has anyone purchased the kindle version?
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