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Daycare Insurance>WA State Home Day Care Insurance-Looking at Other Policies and What They Offer
Jaba6111 04:36 PM 10-12-2016
My commercial general liability limit 1,000,000. deductible less than ten grand is a starting point for me.

Who might have a policy like this in WA state? I need to use a local insurance provider, even though we don't have to have home daycare insurance as long as we have written it in our parent hand book and have the parents sign and date understanding we don't have it. I'm looking into comparing the pros and cons stage... I will get some eventually, but I want the right one. I'm going to care for more kids at some point. Thanks for any leads and info...
Daycare Insurance 09:36 AM 10-13-2016
Unfortunately we do not write business in Washington, but I can give you some information. What you really need in order to protect yourself and your business is professional liability insurance as opposed to general liability. A general liability policy will usually exclude professional services rendered, and caring for children falls under professional services. So when looking, make sure you're looking for professional liability.
Your policy should cover child abuse, negligent supervision, and accident medical for the children in case they are injured in your care. Please note that having a signed waiver from the parents stating that you don't have insurance does NOT protect you in the event of a lawsuit. A parent can still sue you and all legal fees and settlement costs would come out of your pocket. The relatively minimal cost of carrying insurance is definitely worth it. If you pm me your email address, I can email you a list of questions to ask when shopping for professional liability insurance. Hope this helps.
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