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Kacylf 06:55 AM 11-14-2016
I was just wondering if anyone has used Carol's Affordable curriculum and if you and the kids liked it? If not, do you purchase a different curriculum?
Blackcat31 06:59 AM 11-14-2016
I've seen their advertisements but I've never used Carols.

Here are several other threads about it though that might have some useful info
rosieteddy 07:48 AM 11-14-2016
I used Carols for many years.The children enjoyed it.I always ordered the jumping kangaroo one.I modified it for the youngest.One year I bought 2 units one for the younger kids and the usual Jumping K.It caused problems so I went back to the same one.What I liked about it was that it included everything you need. Though I didn't love the work sheets The kids and parents did.Often we would do collages in the letter (ABC'S)OR SOME OTHER NON WRITING WAY FOR LETTER RECOGNITION.I often just let the children coler the paper and we talked about the content.Sure was easy to get the box completely each month.No thought on weekend to run to craft store ect.
CityGarden 08:22 AM 11-14-2016
I heard of it on this forum but when I looked into it, the program did not really speak to me. I do like having a framework as a back up to emergent curriculum and there is an appeal to me for an out the box program but I find Mother Goose Time to be more inspiring and more hands which is more in line with my program.

I do like that Carol's includes good topics for the parent newsletter.
Kacylf 09:32 AM 11-14-2016
Thanks for the responses! I'm a little worried about it being too many worksheets and not enough more engaging activities. I was looking into CAC because it is very affordable for me, all the other ones I don't know if I can afford. I don't think parents would be willing to help pay but I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask. I'm just so tired of spending all my free time lesson planning and shopping for craft supplies. It would be about $45/month and all the other ones so far would be over $100/month.
rosieteddy 10:25 AM 11-14-2016
I wasn't thrilled with the work sheets either.However some of the children loved them .I was able to work it into my program.All the children learned to spell their names and write most of the letters by the time they moved on 4 or 5 yrs. I felt it was affordable and gave us lots to focus on with less running around by me. We sometimes just did a coloring page while waiting for lunch or snack.I gave every child 18 months and up their own crayon box ,glue stick and scissors when needed.Sometimes I would cut out the project and let them glue it.Found it easy and useful for the price.You could just try a month or 2 at first.
CityGarden 01:41 PM 11-14-2016
If you are seeking affordable and are okay with worksheets (and printing cost) I would highly suggest the Letter of the Week Curric. by Confessions of a Homeschooler. I have used it to supplement my dd who was at a developmental preschool but entering a more traditional Kinder program. It was great for what it is.

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