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Missjaime 10:08 AM 01-12-2017
My youngest son, 4, really doesn't like/get along with one of my DCB. I had high hopes as they are close in age and dcb is really kind and nice. But, my boy just isn't having it. When dcb first started he had a bad habit of biting the wheels off our little cars and my son got really mad about it. (Strange habit, but he doesn't do it anymore). Now, my son hides toys from dcb and often refuses to come out of his room when this dcb is here. He won't play with him and today when the dcb got dropped off he yelled (loud enough for dcm to hear) "I don't like him! I thought he wasn't coming today!" It's starting to become a problem. I try to show my son that they have things in common and that it might be fun to play with a boy his age, but he just refuses. My son has never had such a negative reaction to any of the day care kiddos. I'm not sure how to help. Any advice?
laundrymom 10:16 AM 01-12-2017
You don't have to like him honey. But you must be kind to him. If he does something to bother you I will take care of it but you must be kind to everyone. It's how you learn to be a good human.
JackandJill 11:11 AM 01-12-2017
My 5 yr old is the same, but with all my daycare kids. I do the same as PP, he has to be kind no matter what. I also stopped trying to show him how fun it would be if he played with everyone. I think focusing on it definitely made it worse.

At this point, I let him do his thing, when he wants to join he joins, and if not he knows that's okay too.
laundrymom 11:44 AM 01-12-2017
J&J that's how I did it.
You must be kind but you can go do something else if you want.
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