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missT 08:27 AM 03-27-2017
Ok, so when I used Minute Menu if parents made a payment that was more than their current invoice it would give me the option of adding that to their next invoice. However, when I'm using KidKare and the payment is larger it doesn't ask me if I want to do that. Does it just do it automatically when I enter a payment greater than the amount on the invoice? The reason it happens sometimes is I charge weekly but some parents receive subsidy at the beginning of the month that covers most of the month and then they cover the rest. The way minute menu did it made it easy for me to tell what they had left to pay at the end of the month.
hwichlaz 08:44 AM 03-27-2017
It's flat out not allowing me to enter larger payments at all, and back when it did, it did NOT credit the next invoice.
missT 09:05 AM 03-27-2017
Ugh that's so frustrating. When I switched over I figured since I was paying for the service that it would at least be as good if not better than Minute Menu. That's really disappointing.
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