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steph.l 12:29 AM 07-13-2016
Hey everyone! I'm just starting to look into starting a home daycare of my own in Seattle, Washington. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction on any information to do with home daycare insurances? Any policies/providers you'd suggest? Prices?

Thank you!
Michael 02:35 PM 07-13-2016
Welcome to the forum!

Try DCI if they are available in your state:
Daycare Insurance 02:59 PM 07-13-2016
Unfortunately we do not provide coverage in Washington, however, if you pm me your email address, I can email you some questions to ask when looking for insurance. That will help you make sure you are getting the best coverage.
onebzmom 01:32 PM 08-02-2016
Hi I am in WA state and I go thru State Farm the same as my home insurance. Years ago I talked to them we got it all worked out and every couple years we revisit the amounts and increase as to what is a current amount. Can't remember the amount buts it's ALOT. Try giving your homeowners insurance a call to see if they offer anything.
JessyM 01:39 PM 03-29-2017
I find 3 providers and one who seems to be closed now.
3- statefarm rider
4 Morgan insurance (closed)

Did you find a provider? if yes which one. Thanks
sunlight 11:01 AM 03-30-2017
I am in Oregon and also need Daycare Insurance. State Farm will only cover a small number of kiddos. I have checked on this forum and have called around but am finding that many listed numbers even from Tom Copeland's site are no longer providers for Oregon.

Any ideas??

Thank you everyone in advance!!
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