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momneedscoffee 11:36 AM 01-17-2017
What are your daycare kids favorite meals that you make? I am in search of some new ideas. I like to keep it pretty clean and healthy and rarely make anything out of a box (except mac&cheese). I will occasionally get frozen fish sticks or a frozen pizza if it is a super crazy day but other than that I try to steer clear of processed junk even tho I know they would eat the s*** out of it. I have a 1 yr old, almost 2 yr old, 2.5 year old and two 4 year olds. The 2.5 year old is extremely picky and the others besides the baby are only somewhat picky. I am getting sick of preparing the same stuff over and over!
laundrymom 12:11 PM 01-17-2017
Pasta. Whole wheat tossed w about 1/4 tsp butter. Real butter. I grate hard fresh parm cheese over the top. While they watch and I can not make enough!!
sunlight 06:58 AM 01-18-2017
Chicken, Rice, and Black Bean homemade Burritos are a favorite around here! Once a week I pre-cook chicken, it can be thighs, legs, breasts whatever I have. Then make a pot of long grain rice, a can of Organic Black Beans some large tortilla's a little cheese on top and the kiddos love it!

I used to have a super picky eater. He is now 4 years old and started with me at 3 months. All I would ever hear from him is he wanted to eat Chicken Nuggets. If I asked him what he had for dinner with mom and dad it was Chicken Nuggets. Today, he is one of my very best eaters!!
childcaremom 07:02 AM 01-18-2017
I do a lot of varied meals. Favourites are homemade mac and cheese supreme (add in some leftover ham, cooked veggies).; turkey nuggets with sweet potato homefries; pizza rolls (check out super healthy kids); garlic lemon haddock with veggie rice, spaghetti and meatballs.
Josiegirl 04:06 AM 01-20-2017
I swear I have THE pickiest eaters on the planet.
One doesn't like carbs except pasta and pizza. But she loves fruits/veggies. One has to have all her stuff 'just so' Uh yeh NO, but she'd eat pasta all day. I have finally gotten her to eat cantalope.
Anyways, the only 2 things they all agree on are pizza and pasta with butter and parmesan.
My group used to love apples and bananas, now hardly touch them.
I just tell them 'this is what's for lunch, I'm not a restaurant, you can choose to eat it or not'.
I've given up making anything with sauce for this group. So I stick to plain foods. I serve chicken 2x a week, either homemade chicken nuggets or chicken strips sauteed in lite Italian dressing.
Yeh, my menus are very boring.
leelee 06:50 PM 01-22-2017
haven't been able to take over the menu yet. Basics~~Spaghetti, Mac N Cheese, Meatloaf, English muffin pizzas, Sloppy Joes, Bean & cheese quesadillas, Pancakes & sausage, BBQ chicken, tuna salad, fish stix, meatballs & my veggie pasta salad. They really love veggies~~ squash & sweet potatoes a lot, brown rice, quinoa & cous cous.
CeriBear 06:15 AM 02-10-2017
I don't plan the menu at the center but some of the lunches the kids love are chicken nuggets, pizza, spaghetti, and soft tacos. They also love fruit such as orange sections, peaches, and applesauce.
Gemma 06:01 AM 03-04-2017
Most of my kids love home made pasta, or rice dishes
Ruby4 07:46 PM 03-27-2017
My kids like fish and chicken. And they hate vegetables
terri123 09:34 PM 04-02-2017
Spaghetti and Meat Balls are my kids favorite. I also make veg pizza at home.
Kajada 11:26 AM 04-03-2017
I serve only vegetarian or vegan meals and snacks (I'm vegan and I have no idea how to cook meat. I do sometimes serve cheese and eggs). My kids eat just about anything. It really helps that the oldest eats EVERYTHING. She's incredible. She hasn't refused any foods yet. The kids love roasted vegetables, raw vegetables with hummus, fruit, pasta with homemade veggie sauce, pasta salad, burritos, grilled tofu, toast with different toppings (nut butter (almond or sunflower), avocado, banana slices, chickpea or tofu scramble, etc.), hard-boiled eggs...anything, really. I must be lucky!
CeriBear 06:31 AM 04-04-2017
Originally Posted by Ruby4:
And they hate vegetables
Sounds like most of my kiddos too.

I actually have one little boy who LOVES green beans.
Blackcat31 06:45 AM 04-04-2017
Originally Posted by Ruby4:
And they hate vegetables

My kiddos LOVE vegetables!

Seriously, ALL of them love vegetables.
Sometimes I can't keep up...

For example, yesterday my kiddos ate:

3 cucumbers (sliced)
a bag of baby carrots
3 bell peppers (red, yellow and orange...cut into slices)
celery with sunbutter.

Then for the actual lunch part they ate California medley mixed veggies, whole grain pasta with cheese and chicken and applesauce.

Today, we are having cauliflower and broccoli florets with pepper strips and cucumbers. They will devour an entire head of each as well as the standard 3 bell peppers and 3 cucumbers we eat daily.

I have NO idea why they love veggies or how I convinced any of them to try them but I have a dozen kids from 0-age 5.5 daily and ALL of them eat the veggies happily every single day!

We also grow our own veggies here and sometimes involving the kids in that process makes them even more open to trying veggies.

In the summer months we grow cherry tomatoes and I can't keep up. They can easily eat a gallon of them a day if I allowed them too! Sometimes they eat them straight from the vine when we are outside playing.

My kiddos call them ketchup balls.
Blackcat31 06:45 AM 04-04-2017
None of my DCK's will eat bread or potatoes....go figure
Cat Herder 07:00 AM 04-04-2017
I have already posted a ridiculous number of menus that my kids eat well over in the menu section. I tagged some old posts, below.
Unregistered 08:21 AM 04-04-2017
Homemade chicken rice soup

Homemade cheesy broccoli soup

Homemade potato soup

Turkey melts-I use Immaculate biscuits , bake, take out of oven, split and add natural turkey lunch meat and cheese. Put back in oven 1-2 min.

French toast bake-pour beaten eggs (milk added) over a firmer bread like co-op bread or pepperidge farms oatmeal bread or it will be soggy.
Bake...yum, yum! (Long baking pan, one layer of bread).

Potato, egg, cheese skillet-cut up baked potato, beat eggs-pour over, stir add cheese. So easy, quick and delicious!

Grilled cheese

Homemade chicken Alfredo over noodles....very easy to make homemade sauce

Chicken burrito casserole - cook 3 chicken breast with added pasta or enchilada sauce in crockpot on high for 3-4 hours. Shred chicken, add flour tortilla in pieces, Cheese and olives-stir, sprinkle on a bit more cheese and heat about 1/2 longer. Yum! There's u tube recipes with exact proportions u can google!

Roast beef in crock pot with potatoes and carrots. Next day BBQ beef sandwiches.

Roast turkey breast
flying_babyb 08:45 PM 06-03-2017
eggs, ham, omelette veggies tossed into a muffin tin and baked.

ham,pasta, and Italian dressing

tater tot casserole

noodles, beef(taco flavored), taco veggies, and cheese (a taco bake)
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