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Daycare Insurance>Daycare Endorsement for Homeowners in MI
Unregistered 10:27 AM 03-01-2017
Hello all!

I am an insurance agent for Farm Bureau Insurance! It was recommended that I post on the forum by my daughter's daycare provider to let people know Farm Bureau has an endorsement for your homeowner's insurance that will provide extra coverage for your in-home daycare! I have heard way too many horror stories about people having to leave their current insurance providers because they were threatened with cancellation due to their occupation. This doesn't have to happen in Michigan. If you are interested in hearing more, feel free to give me a call! I would love to review your current policies and see where we can help! If anything, I can provide you with questions and information that you can take back to your current provider. I was a teacher prior to working in the world of insurance and I love teaching people how their policies work.
momofsix 10:33 AM 03-01-2017
We used to have Farm Bureau but had to switch. Your policy covered only 6 children total, vs 6 at a time. Since I had more than 6 enrolled even though I only had 6 at a time (due to part time kids) you could not cover me with the endorsement added to my homeowners, and I had to purchase a complete separate business policy until we switched companies.
Is this still your policy?
Unregistered 01:35 PM 07-24-2017
I actually just got off the phone with FB snd clarified this. 6 children in your home in your care. That is what it covers. You can be provid3care for 12 different families and that wont make a difference as long as its 6 kids in your home at a time.
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