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Miss A 10:58 AM 10-19-2017
How do you ladies handle a baby who is very discontent all day, but LOVES the baby swing? I have a 7 month old (adjusted age 5.5 months) who cries most all day lately. This seems to come in phases, and is not constant. This week baby is having a tough week, and no mater what I try (baby gym on the floor, tummy time, me laying next to her in the floor while playing, sitting up with assistance, exersaucer, rocking, bouncing, etc) the swing is the only thing that soothes. I am feeling major guilt over using the swing as much as I have this week, but I don't know what else to do!
Blackcat31 11:11 AM 10-19-2017
The swing is the only thing that soothes because baby hasn't learned an alternate way to achieve the same results.

Doing what you are doing (trying various ideas) IS the right thing to do because eventually one of them will work.

I'd keep trying the same things over and over until one works.

I don't use ANY infant equipment for this very reason.

having a fussy baby is hard.
hwichlaz 12:46 PM 10-19-2017
Something could be up, teeth coming in, a bit colicky. If the swing makes her feel better....then do what you know makes her feel better. Just take her out every 20 min or so to try something else so that you’ll know when she’s ready to come out.
Jupadia 02:04 PM 10-19-2017
I don't use baby equipment with the Dks cause I normally get them at a year. But both my own boys were swing addicts. Only my youngest used it in daycare since he was born into daycare and I had not started before the first grew out.

I've always let them use it as much as I needed with them. I've made sure that they got floor time as well. I also made sure not to use it as a tool to put them asleep every time ensuring they could fall asleep in beds.

I would say use it when needed but cut it out bit by bit.

Either way good luck.
Josiegirl 03:39 PM 10-19-2017
If dcbaby is having a tough week, YOU probably need a break. Use the swing. What's there to feel guilty about? I'm pretty sure the baby won't spend all day in it.
I've got a 4.5 mo right now and he's a little angel but he still has his days. Given a fussy day, the swing just becomes another part of his adventures.
HappyEverAfter 06:49 PM 10-19-2017
I had a DCB who was only content in the swing for awhile. He was always fussy but the swing would mellow him out almost every time. I used it often for about two months before I started weening him off of it because he was going to outgrow it soon. He had no problem weening from it because I always had other things to try too. I too questioned myself as to if I was overusing it but decided for the sake of everyone that I needed to use it. With him happy in swing I was able to entertain and interact with the others more which helped keep their moods in check. The swing is long gone now as none of my kids fit in it anymore but I was so grateful to have it when I did. Use it as you feel the need.
JessicaH 12:42 AM 10-20-2017
I have had some days like that with one particular infant. I know there are some providers who don't agree with using swings and having the baby just get used to using other things to soothe, but I have to say my swing has been a lifesaver many times. I would have probably termed an infant if it wasn't for the swing. I try not to rely on them all the time and get baby used to other things, but there are times when the other kids need your attention and I don't think it's fair to them to have a baby crying all day long. If baby needs the swing a little more for whatever reason, then don't be afraid to use the tools that you have. As long as you are continuing to try all the other things you had mentioned I don't see how it would be a problem.
Miss A 05:37 AM 10-20-2017
Thanks ladies! I really needed reassurance on this this week. I have never had a baby who loves the swing as much as this one does, so i uave never felt thus guilt before. I felt like I was becoming a provider that only produces "container babies".

We are working toward self soothing here, putting herself down for nap in her crib vs. rocking and being laid down, letting her fuss when I know all her needs have been met before attending to the fussing just because I am not near, etc. I have trained 6 babies in 2 years of daycare, and yet each time I do it all over again it feels so foreign to me!
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