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sharlan 11:19 AM 12-14-2017
I'm looking for a really good homemade chicken nugget recipe that isn't fried.
CityGarden 12:52 PM 12-14-2017
I like this recipe, you could bake it instead of fry though...
AmyKidsCo 08:01 PM 12-14-2017
I cut up chicken breast, dip in milk then Italian bread crumbs, then bake about 15 min at 400. You can spray with olive oil spray to add a little crispiness.
Cat Herder 04:59 AM 12-15-2017
I use the chicken tenderloins, roll them in olive oil, then flour, then egg bath, then bread crumbs (I use 4 dinner plates for prep). Bake at 425 on cookie sheet.
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