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Magic 09:43 AM 01-09-2018
Hello Every one Happy New Year
I need if possible to see a few sick policies
both if the child is sick
and if I am sick
I need to revamp my policies for ...well....parents need to be reminded it seems
thank you
Ariana 11:14 AM 01-09-2018
How about you share what you have and we can help you tweak it?
Magic 12:38 PM 01-09-2018
well for child it is not clear enough
and me I do not get paid for sick days ....ya I know and I am adding that
below is mine for child

If a child is ill and not able to attend Daycare, parents must alert the caregiver Michelle, who may also alert other parents regarding possible infection. A child who has an undiagnosed rash, fever, diarrhea, weepy eyes, head lice or nits (eggs), or who is vomiting and experiencing flu like symptoms will need to be sent home with their parents or emergency care alternative authorized upon enrollment. Where there have been head lice, the child are only readmitted with documentation from a Doctor or Heath Nurse verifying that there is no evidence of lice or nits.
Michael 04:59 PM 01-09-2018
Don't know who entered the TAGS but here are the samples:
Cat Herder 05:07 PM 01-09-2018
I added the tags, I did not have time to reply so thought they might help.
CityGarden 03:36 PM 01-10-2018
This is a good thread on the topic:
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