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Cat Herder 04:17 PM 01-19-2018
Is anyone offering makerspace in their program?

Thanks in advance!
CalCare 10:34 PM 01-20-2018
I do have a bunch of recyclables "organized" on shelves and masking tape, scissors, ribbon, etc available. My kids are 8 months, 18 months, 2 years, 2 years, 5 years. Baby doesn't notice it. 18 month old likes to take things out and I put them back. The two year olds sort of understand getting things out to put together. My five year old is my son, he sometimes uses the items, but it's just his nature- he's not into it. My 10 year old (not here during the day, he's at school) uses the supplies a lot to make random things like 3-4 times a week. He has always done this, since he was about 5. I have: paper towel rolls, clothes pins, interesting containers- yogurt cups, nut cans, bread crumbs cylinder, oatmeal cylinder, neat boxes that anything came in, ribbons on spools, paper clips, little wooden dowels (old from some project), felt left overs, egg cartons, berry cases, yarn pieces.
CalCare 10:40 PM 01-20-2018
Oh so, cost was never thing but masking tape.
Safety is just, baby stays in another area of playroom at almost all times (I open his area when it's reasonable.
It's stored in open shelves like Ikea kallax or whatever it's called.
I don't clean it.
Maybe I can post a pic..?
Is this what you are talking about or something else!? We basically call it Box construction.
Josiegirl 01:40 AM 01-21-2018
Ah, ok, I had no clue what you were talking about so had to go look it up. Great idea but I'd have a hard time leaving it available all the time(even on higher shelves). Knowing my group of dcks, things would not get put back properly and if I'd find stuff on the floor, so would the little ones. If you only had 4 yo and up, that would be a wonderful set-up(JMO). What I have done though, during summers, is bring out a huge tub of recyclables, glue gun, duct tape, scissors, etc., and let the SA dcks go to it during nap time. I used to collect every single little thing that look interesting and the kids loved it. But my SA dcks that did it were between 6-11. I'm sure the parents loved it when their children were bringing home all these strange inventions. But it sure got the kids to using their imaginations!
Cat Herder 06:12 AM 01-22-2018
I have been looking at the pre-packaged starter kits and they range from $100-$500. I'd be interested in adding snap/clay circuit and solar robotic STEM kits (with teacher guides of course. )

I have begun taking reshirters so was thinking of incorporating it here. I have a small shed and extra outdoor deck (both with locking doors) that I can dedicate to this. I'd just hate to invest this many resources for a "fad" that won't be used. Saying that I remember spending a lot of my time in my dads garage (without permission, while he was at work, of course ) with wire, tapes, wood, various construction putty's and tools. I used to hide the inevitable injuries to not get caught.

I'd love to be able to offer a resource to kids who are naturally drawn to those type projects while limiting the chance of injuries. I am a bit of a technophobe, but they don't have to be. Between my husband, kids and Khan, it would be engaging to learn something new with the kids.
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