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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Should I Wash The Bottles?
Core12 01:11 PM 02-06-2018
I just recently implemented a “no diaper bag policy”. My question is if I should just go ahead and keep the 2 bottles that typically arrive in the bag instead of handing them back to to the mother to wash. This is a breastfed baby.
Pestle 01:19 PM 02-06-2018
I just put them back into the little sack with the ice pack they came with.
daycarediva 01:22 PM 02-06-2018
I would send them back as is, I don't have a bottle brush, or any reason to have one otherwise.

I'd RINSE, and that's it.
Jupadia 02:02 PM 02-06-2018
I let parents leave or take bottles. If the bottles are left at my house then I wash them. If they take bottles home then they wash. I will also leave left over milk (formula) in it so they cn see what baby drank.
Cat Herder 02:28 PM 02-06-2018
I have them provide bottles to keep here and supply frozen EBM in bags. I typically store about a months worth at a time for them. I find it easier to manage unexpected situations that way.

If they bring pre-filled bottles in a cold bag daily, I would expect they intend for them to be rinsed and returned. This is pretty easy but leaves opportunity for medicated bottles and running short in an emergency late situation.
storybookending 05:42 PM 02-06-2018
I require parents leave two bottles here and I handle the washing.
HappyEverAfter 05:45 PM 02-06-2018
I require bottles be left here and I wash them myself, however I only have formula babies. If it was bottles of breast milk coming in I’d probably rinse and put back in the bag for the parents to wash out.
Pestle 08:15 PM 02-06-2018
I keep a parent-provided tub of formula as backup.

When I was sending DD to day care, I had a lipase enzyme issue that made the milk taste like drinking straight dish soap. Even frozen, the milk was disgusting after a little over 24 hours. So I couldn't leave more than the previous day's supply. Talk about stressful.
jenboo 04:45 AM 02-07-2018
I had parents bring already made bottles for the day. They brough them in a resuable shopping bag. After the baby drank the bottle, i rinsed it as tossed it in the bag. So much less work for me.

I Like the shopping bags because they are small and have no pockets to hide things.
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