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Daycare Insurance>Insurance for Listed Family Home in Texas
MissElodie 03:04 PM 02-22-2018
I'd like to open a listed family home in Texas. This means I am nor licenced nor Registered and that the Protective Falily Services will not inspect my place.
It limits me to a maximum of 3 children at all time.
I'm looking for an insurance to cover accident-medical expenses for children under my care if I'm deemed liable.
I called AssureChildCare and they only insure registered or licenced daycare.
Could you please give me the name of insurances that would insure my small in home childcare?
Daycare Insurance 08:52 AM 02-26-2018
For a child care that's not licensed or registered, it can be a bit difficult to find coverage. Your best bet is probably to check with your homeowners insurance company to see if they have a rider that you can add to your policy. Since you will only be caring for a few children, this should work for you. The accident medical coverage on those policies is usually very limited, but it's better than having no coverage at all.
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