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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What is Your Time/Space Percentage ??
SunflowerMama 04:22 PM 04-12-2018
Hey everyone what is your average T/S % each year for taxes? TIA
hwichlaz 08:39 PM 04-12-2018
I get pretty close to 50% but not quite there. I have a dedicated play room, then use the rest of my house time percentage. Iím open 12 hours, plus my prep time...I hold CPR/FIRST AID classes for providers in my home, and association meeting etc....canít seem to get about 48% though.
Snowmom 07:21 AM 04-13-2018

I have one bedroom completely dedicated to daycare and 7 other rooms (in my 1880 sq ft) using T/S.

It has been at 39-41 for the last 3 years. It was lower when I didn't factor in my screened in porch, because I figured it wasn't heated, so couldn't qualify. I was wrong!
tenderhearts 07:44 AM 04-13-2018
Mines usually around 38 or 39.
BumbleBee 10:54 AM 04-13-2018
28% this year.
tenderhearts 11:00 AM 04-13-2018
oops I lied, mine was 33
HL0605 06:44 PM 04-14-2018
Mine is 34% I'm in the midst of doing my taxes right now (procrastinator!)
lovemykidstoo 06:02 PM 04-15-2018
Mine was 33.38% or close to it. How does everyone track theirs for tax purposes?
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