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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Do You Love About Your DCPs And DCKs??
Josiegirl 01:56 AM 04-12-2018
It's so easy to vent about them, we all do. But let's look at the things we love!! Start your lists.

Dcm#1 has given me so many things for dc in the past, whether it be toys she's found good deals on, veggies from her mom's garden, extra food, bibs, baby equipment. Plus her comments about how she doesn't want to lose me as their provider.
Dcm's#1 dds I love with a passion. They are too smart for their own good but are adorable as anything.
Dcps#2 If I have an issue and mention it, they will usually immediately rectify it. They never have to be reminded of payment. Always been very generous in many ways.
Dcp's twin dds are so very lovable and pretty darn cute, play nice together now, ask me funny questions and make me laugh.
Dcps#3 Very nice parents, make sure I get paid, easy to talk with.
Dcp's#3 ds No matter how tired he is(which is every single day) as long as I let him roam free he is a happy camper. He's a pretty smart little guy and when he smiles his whole face lights up.
Dcps#4 Wellll......dcm pays me faithfully every week and dcd keeps ds home with him 2-3x a week.
Dcb#4 ds is a happy little guy, no matter what appears to be going on at home. He takes a good nap every afternoon after prek.

None of my dcps squawk about times I need to close early or days I take off. They never complain to me about anything I do and they always pay.
DaveA 03:44 AM 04-12-2018
No specific list but my current crop of DCPs are a pretty good bunch. They have their quirks and moments, but overall I can't complain too much.
Snowmom 06:09 AM 04-12-2018
I have had two favorite moms in my career so far.

Ironically, they are neighbors to each other (not me).

They'd bring me flowers for birthdays, appreciation days, easter. Tea from Starbucks when I had a cold. Cards in the mail "just because".
Rockgirl 07:10 AM 04-12-2018
I have a great group of families now. They follow policies without asking me to bend, and they’re all very thoughtful. No complaints at all!
Blackcat31 07:29 AM 04-12-2018
I have some pretty text book families at this point in my career....two parents, 2.5 kids, a dog, a cat and a mortgage.

They all work regular everyday jobs that don't require shift work or job change updates to be edited on their forms every 6-12 months. All have jobs with some level of security. (i.e. long term kids in care)

All my families pay on time every time. I can't remember the last time I even had a discussion about rates, payments or due dates with a family.

ALL my kiddos sleep and eat very well. Any other issues I can usually fix but sleeping and eating habits are breaking points for me so thankfully there are zero issues in those two departments.

Most of my families share the same basic parenting styles, ideas and methods which in turn makes caring for their kids and having a good working relationship with them pretty easy.

I genuinely like all but maybe 1 or 2 of my daycare parents.
Jo123ABC 11:21 AM 04-12-2018
My favorite daycare parents are never late or early, always pay on time (and monthly...which I LOVE!), if 1 family member is sick she keeps everyone home. She has given me birthday gifts, donated really nice stuff to the daycare "to make my job easier". She always gives all the kids valentines from her kids. Just a super nice and considerate mom!
Annalee 11:28 AM 04-12-2018
That they are all gone by 4:15 every day Actually, I have a good crew right now with the occasional issue but pay, drop-off and pick up are spot on so I can't complain!
storybookending 11:51 AM 04-12-2018
All of my current families are great. No drop off/pick up time issues. Everyone comes and goes when they say they will. No one pushes policy, they all pay on time. A few bring me toys and things their children have outgrown. I just love them all currently!! The kids are basically always great too!
BrynleeJean 12:14 PM 04-12-2018
no group right now as i decided to be closed during this pregnancy and transition to a new house but what i miss about my last group hmm?

They picked up all the toys every day at the end of the day and my house was pretty tidy because of that haha

My older dcb was so smart and so fun to teach, though tough emotionally at time heaven knows, he was so smart and just way above others his age, and so intently listened to everything i said during our bible studies or whatever lesson i was teaching. he was reading, doing math and writing 3-5 sentence stories by the time he went to kinder. i miss him
one dcg i had for a few years before i closed was so goofy and could just run the world if you let her. very sassy and just like, here let me show you how to do it stubborn as all getout but super just energetic and fun.
And yup all kids sleep during nap
and I've never really had any problems about paying
Meeko 12:56 PM 04-13-2018
I absolutely love that none of them are here on weekends.....

Not too bad a group right now. I'm getting good in my old age at flushing out the worst ones. So no problems most of the time.
Lil_Diddle 07:11 PM 04-13-2018
My favorite dcp’s realize that I am a person and treat me as such. They don’t complain if I get sick or have to close and take care of a sick child. The first words out of their mouth aren’t “what am I supposed to do with my child. They are familiar with my handbook and policies and are very respectful of them. They pick their child up on time, keep them home on their days off or atleast luck them up early. We never have to talk about money. They tell me thank you and appreciate all that I do for their family.

My dck’s are good and care about each other and help each other out and are respectful, with just enough ornery to keep me on my toes. I have a really good group right now that they all fit into this category. I am very fortunate
Sunchimes 02:14 PM 04-15-2018
I love that they love me. One child is off to school in the fall. Every time mom or I mention it, we end up teary-eyed. She heard of someone who will need care in the fall, did some checking on them, and declined to give them my name because they weren't a good fit. 😍.
#2 is thinking about having another baby and told me first. 😄

#3 is new to daycare. As well as the rules were explained, a few just escaped them. When I gently explained the error of their way, they apologized, offered me more money, (which I declined), and are really trying to fit in. I think they are going to be a great fit because they want to fit.
Mom2Two 04:50 PM 04-15-2018
Great thread, Josie! I have a good bunch right now.

Dcm #1 She couldn't be better if it was her life-goal to be the perfect dcm. Well...maybe I'm exaggerating slightly...they all have conflicts with work/life in general, but she's pretty easy to deal with.

Dcbs #1 Nice kids. One is bff's with dd.

Dcm #2 Free legal advice from her. Never has a problem paying even if I charge fees...(coz she never packs spare socks etc)

Dcks #2 Cute, outgoing kids. Very charming.

Dcm #3 Free eye exams for me and dd. Drops off late and picks up early (which works well for me). Sympathizes with the challenges we both have with her child.

Dcg #3 She's cute. She can't help her delays. She's come a long way

Dcm #4 Very respectful. She's young but has listened to me about sleep training, which improved both our lives. She's grateful, which is nice.

Dcb #4 Easy kid. Naps 2 hrs min. Quiet and happy.
Jamie 11:54 AM 04-16-2018
I have absolutely no issues with the parents! Short drop offs and pick ups, they keep their kids home when sick, make sure I have enough diapers and spare clothes, and they are always honest!

DCBaby: Is happy when he comes and happy when he goes. Smiles every time he sees me throughout the entire day. Is incredibly adorable, people comment on him all the time.

DCK1: Very smart, laughs at everything, eats everything. Daring and brave. Takes on any task by herself and completes it with quiet determination.

DCK2: SO funny! Makes up all kinds of games. Good eater. Wild child, but well behaved, says please and sorry, helps out whenever he can.

DCK3: Golden Boy. Good eater, good sleeper, smart, cuddly, beautiful, plays well with himself and others, very kind to everybody, loves animals.

I love them all, and they - we - fit so well together as a group.
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