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Krystle 10:15 PM 04-19-2018
After a long time of ups and downs I am so close to finally getting my daycare license. I am in California and was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up of what to expect with the pre-inspection. I have gone over the guide several times but I am pretty nervous that some is going to be wrong and I'll have to wait even longer to get my license. TIA
Jo123ABC 11:18 AM 04-20-2018
I'm not in California so we probably have quite a few differences in licensing rules.

My first inspection focused a lot on the paperwork, reading me rules, and making sure I had my things in like background check, fire inspection, layout of the house, etc. She checked my water temp and outlets closely. She made sure I was using a waterproof surface to change diapers. She measured my rooms and yard. She checked location of kitchen knives and chemicals. She also made sure sleeping areas had 2 accessible exits.
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