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Jctsmom 06:18 PM 04-02-2018
I have several kids that are somewhere between toddler or tot school to preschool level and am currently searching for a comprehensive curriculum that supports both! I'm spending way too much time on Pintrest and the various sites looking for such an animal! I've considered those that can be purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers such as HomeCEO, but the ones I've sampled, I've still had to add too much to.

Im looking for just a very comprehensive curriculum that I may have to add just a few things to such as sensory boxes, etc.
Michael 08:20 PM 04-02-2018
Welcome to the forum. You have many threads tagged for curriculum. Here are some that may help:
Cat Herder 04:10 AM 04-03-2018
Check out funshine curriculum kits. It is my go to. Easy, one stop, everything needed. The website is choppy and difficult to navigate, but stick with it, it is worth the effort.

No, I don't work for them. Just been doing this a long time and have tried many suppliers.
Blackcat31 06:08 AM 04-03-2018
123 Curriculum is another good one!
I hear lots of gals raving about it!
rosieteddy 07:16 AM 04-03-2018
I used Carols affordable curriculum.It was a good basic plan.I loved that all the supplies were included.I had crayons,markers and scissors for each child in a personal art box.I would choose books for whatever we were learning and the children enjoyed the projects.It was easy and they have different boxes for age of children.
LittleExplorers 11:46 AM 04-05-2018
Mother goose time is similar to funshine express. Ask them for samples. One gives them free, one charges $20 but gives a $20 coupon. Carl's affordable curriculum will send a sample also. I was not as impressed with Carol's but it is less expensive than the other 2.

I like ones that are all contained. I would rather pay a bit more than spend my family time putting things together.
Jctsmom 11:03 PM 04-05-2018
Thank you for your responses! Money is pretty tight right now, so I'll have to just keep plugging away at making my own I guess. I appreciate your help!
Josiegirl 04:12 AM 04-06-2018
Originally Posted by Jctsmom:
Thank you for your responses! Money is pretty tight right now, so I'll have to just keep plugging away at making my own I guess. I appreciate your help!
What if you use books as a jumping off point and scour Pinterest for ideas?
Or create a curriculum by using a couple letters a week? I did that for a few months and the dcks loved it. Some weeks I'd use just 1 letter, some weeks 2, depending on how much stuff I could find, and sometimes I'd stretch 1 letter into 2 weeks. For example, when we came to F, I did friends, family and farms so we had a lot of ideas and fun to work with for a couple weeks. It gives you a focus. And it really doesn't have to cost much or take up much time.
My problem is staying committed to it.
LittleExplorers 08:25 AM 04-09-2018
You could try redleaf press or another curriculum that is just the book and not all the craft extras. I went to Parent Aware website for approved curriculum and went down the list asking for samples from those that interest me. Some are web-based monthly or annual fee others are kits they send. Tons of various price points. Lots of web-based have 7 day free trial or similar.
Unregistered 01:11 AM 05-13-2018
Years ago i I added on $1.25 each week to each child's bill and then ordered a kit for one child from Mother Goose Time. I lt was super basic back then. I had the month mapped out and I just supplemented a bit.

I just looked at the site. Wow have they come a long way!!

You could charge $2.00 a child each week to cover preschool and if you had 6 kids that would be $12 x 4 = $48. You would have most of the kit covered. You would get so much and just need to supplement art supplies.

I saw they have a journal for each child. Otherwise it seems to be classroom games, CD, books, etc for the group.

Thought this might work for you. Funshine is about $10 cheaper for 1 child. I think $56 a month.
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