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Silly Songs 07:21 PM 05-13-2018
Tell me about the sweet children you have. Or had. Were there any who are just good kids, happy, smiled, got along with others ? Why do you think they are the way they are ?
Josiegirl 02:09 AM 05-14-2018
I had one girl who was always very helpful, followed rules, hugged me when she went home. Her mom had a great sense of humor, very giving, and showed her dd love in all ways. But her mom also expected her dd to respect others, expected her to help out. She and her dd have lived at the grandparents' all along and the grandparents are the same way. United front, loves her with all their heart but won't put up with anything with her. I think she's 10 now. I haven't had her since she started school FT.

I have a 4 yo dcb right now. I really enjoy him. He's got the sweetest smile and loves to talk, goes right to sleep. I'm amazed he doesn't seem to have a lot of issues because his mom and dad certainly do. He helps with the other kids.
daycarediva 03:46 AM 05-14-2018
Ahhh nature vs nurture.

I had one dcg that was just a doll of a child. Her parents practiced RIE, so she spoke to others so respectfully. Hands down the most empathetic child (maybe PERSON) I have ever met. She was with me from 18m-kindergarten and I loved every second of her time with me.

I have one dcb right now that is the sweetest child, many personality similarities with my previous dcg, but his parents treat/talk to him like an urchin. He is getting so defiant with his parents. But they say things like "come here you little monster. You better be good!" (and dcb says "OK I WILL!") and Dad will say "Ya right, you're lying. See, you didn't even put your shoes away!"

Here, after Monday , he is a dream child and never wants to leave.

You learn what you live, unfortunately. He has so much potential.
Unregistered 05:14 PM 05-14-2018
When I used to allow part time, the middle child of a family of all boys was as good as gold. I suspect, it might have worn off if he stayed all day and/was here every day. The oldest brother and youngest were very whiny and immature. Funny enough, they looked like mom and acted like dad. He looked like dad and acted like mom.
flying_babyb 05:31 PM 05-15-2018
the little girl in question used to be a brat. She was that child I would cheer when she stayed home sick. She would spend her days screaming and shrieking. I would stand firm and keep things consistent. One day she came in and started listening, fallowing directions ect. Then every day she would scream my name when I walked in and run to hug me. she started fallowing me around, hugging me all the time, wanting to tell me EVERYTHING about everything ( I know what this kid had for dinner, snack, when she pottied ect). Shes always there to give me a hug, to tell me something or to share some random fact. I dont play favorites but she's gonna be the hardest kid to leave next month (and I can tell you there will be BIG tears).
CityGarden 10:49 PM 05-15-2018
I have a little dcb who is full of wonder and has such a sweet soul. His family is a Waldorf family and he thrives with rhythm and loves nature. He is all boy with tons of energy, can crash into others, etc. so not an angel but his heart is pure. He cares for others and care about me which he shows each day....
Jamie 04:35 AM 05-16-2018
All my current DCKs are wonderful, but one in particular is awesome.
He plays well with everyone, does mostly what is expected of him (he's 2, I expect him to not follow directions sometimes ), plays well by himself, eats and sleeps etc.

His parents are young, and he is clearly wanted, but not a "project child". Everything seems rather matter-of-factly with them - they have to go somewhere, he goes with them. He's never here unless they are at work/school. If they have friends over, he is expected to entertain himself while they talk to their friends. If the friends have kids, he is expected to play with the kids. They are not over-protective. They tell him off immediately if he does something bad.

I don't know, I think it's just this completely no-nonsense-no-showoff-natural-parenting.
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