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Daycare Menus, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas>How to Handle Seconds (In A Preschool, Not Home)?
flossie 01:29 PM 05-26-2018
Primarily I am thinking about the toddlers. One of the teachers for that group often asks me to provide "more hot dogs", "more goulash", "more chicken nuggets", etc. The toddler lunch time is a half hour prior to the preschool lunch time. I often make exactly what they will need. When she asks for more I often tell her that the preschoolers have not eaten yet so I cannot say if they can have more yet. But it hasn't stopped her from asking, ha ha. I don't believe that it's an issue of the kids still being hungry as they don't ask for more fruit or vegetable and when I collect dirties I usually find leftovers of those. Also, if there are any extra servings and I give them to the toddlers they are no longer available for the bigger kids who may want more. Or a teacher or two will have to go without.

We are not on the food program yet. So the owner of the business is concerned about waste, too, and not wanting leftovers. (Which makes it hard to "just make extra".)
hwichlaz 06:10 PM 05-26-2018
Once you are on the food program youíll be required to have seconds available. Your sponsors interpretation of the regs will determine how you handle it.

I wonít give seconds to kids who havenít finished their food....unless they have a genuine issue eating a component. Everyone has a couple of foods they just canít gag down.
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