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Jo123ABC 12:42 PM 08-30-2018
Do you ever tell other parents when a child leaves daycare with contagious illness symptoms? Leaving out names of course. Say 2 kids go home vomiting and feverish. Do you let other parents know that their child may have been exposed to it?
MomBoss 01:22 PM 08-30-2018
I do. So they can look out for symptoms, try not to blame their childs sickness on something else (like teething) when another kid had the same sickness, and not get mad at you when they ask if someone else was sick and you say yes and they wonder why you didnt tell them...
MarinaVanessa 02:21 PM 08-30-2018
I do for communicable diseases.
Josiegirl 02:12 AM 08-31-2018
Yes, I do too, because it's just nice to give a head's up as to what to watch for and be prepared for.
DaveA 03:33 AM 08-31-2018
Yes I do. DCPs appreciate the heads up.
Jupadia 05:21 AM 08-31-2018
I'll mention it, especially since I have a small group my family's tend to notice if so and so not there so I'll say something about someone going home with __________. I wont say names but parents can gusse it's one of 2 kids or my own. My own go to nanas house when sick (only a few mins away).
Ariana 09:33 AM 08-31-2018
I usually mention it at the door when they are leaving as a heads up to watch for symptoms.

I no longer tell them when my own kids are sick because I have never had a kid stay home because of it.
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