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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Disgusting Excuse For A Provider
BumbleBee 04:04 PM 09-18-2018
I feel sick after reading this.
Sunchimes 01:12 AM 09-19-2018
This happened in my hometown. I left decades ago, but still have friends there. One is her neighbor, and another left her child there long ago. The neighbor said that she had a firm policy against parents entering the house. The one who used her services said that she saw red flags and didn't use her very long.
Cat Herder 04:52 AM 09-19-2018
I commented on the other thread about this today.

This is why I am firmly against carseats at daycare. Too easy for the adult to abuse.
nannyde 06:03 AM 09-19-2018
I hope they test the kids for Benadryl. This is disgusting but it's a prettyttypical neglect abuse story.

What stood out to me was the camera on the car seat. I have been saying for years the tiny camera was going to be used for audio video surveillance and recording.

I agree with Cathearder about seats in the house. I don't allow them to be brought into the house much less left. I don't want to ever be accused of using them. I also don't want to store them or have them brought back and forth. They are supposed to be properly installed and left in the cradle.
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