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Glitch 12:31 AM 11-12-2018

I've been lurking for awhile now and have found numerous posts and threads here over the years that have been helpful and even lifesavers. So, I figured it was time to finally register since I find myself digging deeper in the trenches of the family childcare business.

My mother has been in the home daycare business since 2011, but since she's getting older, she brought me onboard to help. I've dropped in to help with this or that over the years but never fully committed to a position for childcare before. My professional background is in IT, system administration specifically. She owns a large family daycare in Oklahoma and the last year and a half has been pretty crazy stuff. I'm used to dealing with complex problems but as I sit here late at night working on my certificate of mastery for a required state program, it really dawned on me how niche family childcare is becoming as each year passes.

Sites like these are Godsends and it's nice to see supportive people in the profession having their own community here.

Thanks for existing,
Michael 12:51 AM 11-12-2018
Welcome to the forum!
Blackcat31 06:18 AM 11-12-2018
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