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Josiegirl 03:24 AM 10-06-2018
I'll stumble upon an author and if I like the book, I'll exhaust every one my local library has. Right now, Lisa Gardner is the favorite; mystery, crime, story keeps you guessing until the end where you discover all the bits and pieces coming together of why the characters are the way they are.
Most recent book I read was The Neighbor.
lovemykidstoo 04:27 PM 10-06-2018
Thanks for the recommendation. I like those types of books and have not read any of hers.
Rockgirl 05:08 AM 11-06-2018
Thanks, Josie! Iíll check her books out.
flying_babyb 08:52 PM 11-16-2018
shes aswome with multiple series! I read the quincy series, and loved it so much my cats name is Rainie conner-cat. Currently on the dd warren books!
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