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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Any Respite Care Providers?
braign 07:48 AM 01-25-2019
I am a SAHM and I have been part-time casual babysitting/backup care for a couple of years (for 2 families), and doing Respite care for a lovely special needs boy for almost a year.

I don't run a daycare business, but I found these forums and they help answer a lot of questions for me (and validate some of my petty grievances lol!), so I thought I'd join!

At the moment I average 1-2 days a week, sometimes I do 3 days a week. Sometimes more in the summer. I prefer one kid at a time (plus my own), so it feels more like a playdate and less like a 'day of work'.

I don't think I could do childcare full time, it's HARD WORK (so many props to you guys who do it), part time works perfectly for me and my family. I'll never make a tidy profit or anything like that, but it provides good company for my son and a little pocket money for me. My pet peeves include people who think I provide "drop in care" just because I stay home (nope sorry, if I'm not scheduled, I've made other plans, even if those plans involve staying in my PJs all day), and people who ask me for free childcare (if it's an emergency, I've offered childcare to help out, and would not charge, but your regular provider being off next month is not an emergency).

Looking forward to being on these forums, getting healthy mealtime ideas for my special needs kid's diet, maybe meeting other people who provide respite care, creative ways to deal with parents sometimes, and just basically seeing what's within the range of normal as far as kid behaviours and "phases" go! Thanks for having me!
Blackcat31 07:56 AM 01-25-2019
Welcome to the forum!

We are a friendly helpful bunch so don't be shy!
Michael 11:35 PM 01-25-2019
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