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meganyoon 03:18 PM 01-30-2019

I am curious to know what everyone thinks about keeping track of the exact time that parents bring their children and pick them up? I am considering getting a timeclock for parents to use because I have a parent who is contesting a charge for not picking up their child on time. My rate is $1 per minute after closing. They were 15 minutes late but I don't really have any way to prove that. What does everyone think about this? How would all of you handle this situation? Thanks in advance for your answers!
littlefriends 03:34 PM 01-30-2019
Under the advice of the wonderful other members of this forum I bought a digital clock and put it on my sign in/out table and at exactly 6:00 (my closing time) I take all the blue pens out of the cup and replace with a hot pink one. Then when they show up I pick up the sign out sheet, write the time for them with the hot pink pen, and then hang it to initial. Then I tell them Iíll have their late fee invoice ready for them in the morning. I make mine pay it no later than pick up the next day. If they donít pay if (forgets or refuse or whatever the excuse) they donít have care again until itís paid.
Meeko 07:59 PM 01-30-2019
In Utah, it is a regulation that parents sign in and out every single day. It is also a food program reg.

I have a clock right by the sign in area and it is in the contract that in and out time are taken from that clock only...not their cell etc.
I close at 6pm. At six, I add $5 and then $1 per minute after that.

At 6PM exactly, I take away the regular sign in/out book and replace it with a bright red binder showing the late fee schedule. They have to sign out on that one and initial next to the fee which is due the next morning at drop off.
Cat Herder 04:51 AM 01-31-2019
Sign-In & Sign-Out Daily Attendance records. There are free templates online.

We are required by law to keep them on file for 2 years.

It is also how we track Time/Space Calculations for Tax Writeoffs.

Those records are always the first the State asks to see when they come through the door for inspections.
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