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Dotson 04:24 PM 05-02-2019
I live in ATL southern area and I wanted to open a home daycare. The bright start licensing requirement are strict and I found out my subdivision will not allow me to have it there (zoning issues, HOA). So my lease is up in July and I don't know my next step. Where should I look and what questions should I ask landlords to find a place to allow me to start one. Are there alternatives to all these subdivision or private owners.
Michael 04:37 PM 05-02-2019
Welcome to the forum. Here are some threads regarding zoning:
Cat Herder 05:49 AM 05-03-2019
Atlanta loves to tell homeowners what they can and can't do with their own property. The further you get from the center, the easier it becomes.

Know that the further out you go the lower the reimbursement and tuition rates are, too. Often that is offset by the also lower cost of homes in general, so may be a wash.
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