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Familyfun 06:52 AM 12-28-2016
I want to open a before & after school program to earn money to eventually open a daycare center. How can one partner up with my local school district.
sunlight 01:18 PM 12-29-2016
You might need to contact your local licensing division. They would be able to at least tell you what the requirements are for opening before/after care.

I know my local school district can not give out any recommendations for before or after care. They do have care by the district at a designated school available but will not direct you to any specific establishment.

Hope this gives you a direction!
Familyfun 05:40 AM 08-09-2017
Thank you
lorie 11:37 PM 08-13-2017
How's your project going @Familyfun? I'm having the same plan and I'd love to know what the requirements were.
Familyfun 07:16 AM 05-28-2019
Nothing has come about my program
You either have to know someone or already have an established childcare center to get started in a school district
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