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Open Daycare Center - Sell a Daycare - Rent a Daycare - Buy a Daycare>Can You Have More Than One Licensed Provider in One FCC Home?
Unregistered 10:01 AM 07-30-2019
I work with a business partner in Ohio, we want to open an fcc home but we are unsure as to wether you can have more than one licensed provider in one care home. Ideally we Luke both like to be licensed and split the business 50/50 in terms of cost, pay, and responsibility.
AmyKidsCo 12:52 PM 07-30-2019
You'd have to check Ohio rules. In WI you can have 2 licensed providers - at the same time to cover ratios, or alternating to provide 24 hour care.
Cat Herder 04:30 AM 07-31-2019
The owner/lessee of the home must be the one licensed, here. Anyone else is an employee or volunteer.

If we move, we have to be licensed again with the new training requirements if grandfathered.
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