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springv 10:04 AM 08-09-2019
Huntsville student dropped off at wrong bus stop; father still looking for answers
Cat Herder 10:57 AM 08-09-2019
I find it odd that they fail to mention the girl's age. Just that she ignored her dads' phone calls. I sense a political intent here. She got off with her friends but was in "the danger zone". What exactly is that?
Cat Herder 11:05 AM 08-09-2019
“Apple bus works every day to ensure the safety of all students who travel on our buses. We consider our bus ride the first part of their school day. While privacy laws prevent us from commenting on a specific student, we work with the school principals and district to quickly resolve any issues that are brought to our attention. In order to make sure that we can have a smooth experience for students, we remind parents about the importance of completing all information including bus ridership in the school registration system. We make every effort to work with those who need to ride a bus but have not completed the registration process. Completion of the process will give parents access to the Apple Bus App that provides real time bus location and notification to the parent.”

"Currently, Huntsville City Schools employs the Apple Bus Company as our pupil transportation provider. All questions related to new bus riders or changes to existing rider status should be made directly to the front office of your child's school."

Found it.
hwichlaz 11:31 AM 08-09-2019
I'm not sure this should have made the news :P
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