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playnlearndaycare 09:04 AM 10-11-2019
I have an in-home daycare where I have a 17-month old toddler in my care. I've had this child since he was 3 months and it's been a constant struggle from day 1. We've struggled with sleep issues on and off for months, leading up to finally telling the parents to start fixing things at home. Once we got the sleep issues fixed, then we started in on not listening and doing what he is told to do as well as throwing major temper tantrums over not getting his way. His parents still treat him like he's 6 months old or younger. In the last couple of months, I started writing monthly reports about his behavior and at first there was alot of improvement;however, now it seems like the reports aren't helping. I've had countless convos with the parents about his behavior issues. They simply refuse to be consistent with making him mind at home for fear of hurting his feelings. Some examples, they quit bringing him in shoes because one day, he threw a fit about having his shoes on so they quit putting him in shoes. Anytime he throws a fit with them or has sleep issues, they coddle him and give into him. The really odd part of it and it definitely isn't normal is that when he listens here at daycare, he absolutely refuses to play; he'd rather sit and do nothing all day; but when he chooses to not listen and ignores what he is told to do, he'll get up and play and be active. I just don't know what to do as I strongly feel that it's time to send him on his way.
Valerie928 09:44 AM 10-11-2019
I totally feel for you. I am in a very Similar situation with a 22 month old. Her behaviors are getting worse because her parents are not working together to change anything. Now, this week her naps are rough here because at home they go to her and don't make her nap when she cries. Last night she screamed at bedtime and they fell for it. I won't provide childcare for a child that won't nap. I am very close to terming. This child is stressful. If you can't get support from your dck parents then it's impossible.
Ariana 09:59 AM 10-11-2019
I can commiserate! I have a 16 month old who whines constantly from about 10:30am until lunch time at 12pm. She naps here from I get about an hour of happiness from her. It is so annoying.

I told the parents to follow my daycare schedule even at home and to stop giving in to the whining so we will see how it goes. She is brand new so I am trying to be patient.

Typically I donít really involve myself with what is going on at home unless it is sleep related. I have learned that parents generally do not listen. Just do your thing. My daycare kids can throw tantrums all they want and I just ignore. They soon learn that tantrumming doesnít work with me and they stop!
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