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BrightBeginnings2014 01:11 PM 11-11-2019
What are you all doing for you're parents from the kids for christmas? It's hard when you have the same kids for 5 years haha! I've looked up lots of ideas but would love to hear what you are all doing!
Michael 01:25 PM 11-11-2019
Here are more threads on giving Christmas gifts to parents:
storybookending 05:58 PM 11-11-2019
I am really struggling with this myself and I have read all of the threads on this site and others. Maybe snow globes? I also donít know what Iím getting the kids yet either.
DaveA 03:16 AM 11-12-2019
A couple days before Christmas we make a big batch of cookies, breads, and candies for the kids to take home.
LittleExplorers 06:47 AM 11-13-2019
This year we are making ornaments with hand prints on mini tree slabs. We are cutting down trees at our project property, so I am making use of them. The kids paint a paper ornament every year that I laminate. The bag usually gets some home made goodies too.
Jo123ABC 01:05 PM 11-13-2019
I'll let you know when I know! last year I did $10 limit ea. So they got a Melissa and Doug wood puzzle. Older kids got jigsaw style wood ones while younger ones got chunky ones. The year before I did a princess Barbie for girls, an action figure for boys and a $1 Christmas coloring book for all. Babies got something else.. I can't remember though .. soft book and stuffed toy I think.
Jo123ABC 01:08 PM 11-13-2019
Sorry just realized you were asking about parent gifts! The kids made a wall hanging decoration for parents. Foot prints painted like mice with the twas the night before Christmas quote and a string of lights painted using their thumb prints.
Bluemoon5 10:39 AM 11-14-2019
This year we're doing snow globes. In the past I've done handprint/footprint calendars but they're a lot of work (my guys are 12-18 months). When I don't know what to make I fall back on cinnamon dough handprint ornaments.
BrightBeginnings2014 12:49 PM 11-19-2019
I know lol salt dough ornaments are always an easy fall back!
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