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mrsnj 12:21 PM 11-25-2019
What do you include in your parents packs? Trying to set mine up and I feel like I am missing things. I tried looking on here but for posts that were out dated and couldn't see the links. Would you guys mind posting your parent packs (or what is in them)
Jo123ABC 12:46 PM 11-25-2019
I'm not sure what you mean by parent packs. I send a folder with families that are enrolling with: 2 forms required by my state, immunization form, food program enrollment form, bring with you checklist (breaks down what to leave at daycare for infant or older child), contract, policy, sleep permission form, water activities permission form, about me form (for parents to let me know anything extra like how they soothe their child or foods they do/don't like etc.), Example of invoice, example of menu.
AmyKidsCo 01:22 PM 11-25-2019
My interview folder has Enrollment Application, Rates, Schedule & Credentials. I usually email the Parent Handbook before the interview so they can bring questions with them.

After enrollment I email them the state forms, Contract, Media Permission, & Sunscreen Permission forms. The food program ones I have to physically give them because they're carbon copies.
janell999 05:26 AM 11-26-2019
1. Your guide to regulated child care
2. child care enrollment form
3. Health history and emergency care plan
4. Child health report
5. permission to photograph
6. intake for children under 2
7. immunization record
8. authorization to administer medication
littlefriends 07:37 AM 11-26-2019
Policy and procedures handbook
Enrollment forms
State required forms
Magnet with my info on it (vista print)
Potty Training policy (if applicable)
Cat Herder 09:15 AM 11-26-2019

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