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Unregistered 05:26 PM 12-16-2019
Started my new job in October. I was happy with it until they put me back in room 13. I have been in 13 since the ending of October and I can't stand it! People have told me to talk to one of the higher up ladies about a room change but she's super scary. Some people have said that she'll just aks why I'm bored with the room and shut the conversation down. I'd like to go back into room 2, but they put the new girl in there so idk if they hired someone because I told them I liked 13 (at the time I liked 13, now I don't).

Any tips on how to talk to the lady? I'm so sick of making myself unhappy because I'm "too scared" of asking for what I want. How to get over being a little b**ch? idk. Do you think I'm still new enough that they'll wanna please me? lol. idk. I'm so unhappy but so scared to talk to her plus she's always busy and I can never get to her when she's alone. :/
Michael 07:08 PM 12-16-2019
Maybe you should find another facility were you feel more comfortable or just speak with the director.
Josiegirl 02:48 AM 12-17-2019
Despite your fears of talking with this scary person, if you want anything to change, that's what you'll probably have to do. Are there other openings available besides room 2? Maybe if you gave her more options to pick from? Discuss with her your reasons. Prepare your conversation beforehand so you're not so nervous. Don't worry about her bit@hy ways, she's a human being just like everybody else, no better, no worse. Try to put on your most confident face and hide that 'you intimidate the $hit out of me' face. Just be honest and kind in your discussion. And good luck!!
Ariana 03:30 PM 12-17-2019
She is just a person and so are you! She might be “scary” but that is just a silly thought you are having. What if you changed the thought to “she is a strong woman so others find her scary”.

You will never get a different room if you don’t ask for it.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” ~Wayne Gretzky
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