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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Hate the Unspoken Competitions for a Child's Love
Hippiedippie 02:25 PM 11-09-2019
I'm sure we all know about this. The weird unspoken competition (or whatever you wanna call it) for a certain child(s) love. Like who does so and so wanna go to. The nasty looks from fellow teachers if their favorite chooses you over them. The weird tension. idk how to explain it, but, we know it's there. Not with every teacher of course. I've only noticed it with a teacher who is close to my age.

Idk how to word it or explain it but you know what I'm talking about. It's annoying as heck.
flying_babyb 02:50 PM 11-09-2019
YEP!! I feel ya! Same thing at our center with a few kids. funny thing is the teacher that competes alot with others over kids, is the one that most of the kids hate unless shes got food. She thinks the kid loves her, but any time hes upset or sees me , he runs over for my attention (and Im not even his teacher anyway. He sings goodbye to me daily even if he dosemt see me
Ariana 05:20 PM 11-10-2019
I cannot say I have ever been in this situation! It sounds utterly ridiculous
e.j. 07:57 AM 11-11-2019
Sounds like a self-esteem issue on the teacher's part. It's seems kind of sad to me.
Bookworm 10:58 PM 12-20-2019
I know/knew several teachers like this. IME, itís because the parents of that particular child gives the best gifts. Mostly large cash or gift card gifts.
Josiegirl 03:14 AM 12-21-2019
I used to get the question of who's a better cook.
Thankfully, according to the parents, I usually fared pretty well. Lol
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