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Unregistered 07:34 PM 12-20-2019
A little backstory before I get into it. So I've been interested in early childhood since 8th grade. Between 8-9th grade I volunteered in a church to watch the kids at the daycare center. I did 1 and 2 year olds.
Years later I would babysit and nanny for children. I nannied for a 1 year old. Then I got my first job in a daycare. I worked in the 2/3 then in the ones. I quit that job after a month because the director didn't do much about the abuse going on. I did report etc.

Now I work at a place like the YMCA. It's not like my last job. My last job was just that one director/owner and we worked for her. This is like a whole company, you know? So they kinda made me a floater for a week. Then the director talked about keeping me with the 2/3 year olds. I said, "if that's what you want.

" At that moment in time, I had only worked in the younger ones room for like a week. I told the director I preferred that room. Anyways, I started thinking about it and was happy to be with the older kids.

After our discussion I realized that if I major in early childhood 2/3 would be the age I teach. So I was happy to be in the 2/3 room. they ended up putting me with the 2/3 for only two days before moving me with the older one year olds/kids that just turned two.

THEN! a week later, they put me back into the younger one year olds. The room I told the director I preferred during our discussion. I've been in there all day 9-6 since October. I can't stand it! I finally had enough and told the lead teacher (who is the infant and toddler director but not the director of the whole preschool) about it and how I preffered the 2/3 but I didn't know it at the time.

She talked to the main director and the main director wants to have a discussion with me and the lead teacher about it. I'm so nervous because I feel like they're just going to try and convince me to stay in that room. I HATE IT! I also want to be clear that during my room changes, I did not once say I wanted to be back in room 13 (the younger ones). I did not know they're were babies in that room and I a) don't like babies b) am not comfortable with them.

Here's the thing. They hired a whole ass person to be in room 2 (the 2/3 room they were gonna put me in and the one I miss). I wish they just talked to me again because I would've told them I liked that room more. IDK If this makes sense. I'm nervous and I should've said something sooner.

I thought I'd like the younger ones because I worked with one year olds before but NOW I realize I like the older kids and want a room change but it's not that simple. :/
Michael 01:50 PM 12-22-2019
I wouldn't sweat it about the new employee. They could move her as easily just like they did you. It is important that you tell your director how you work much better with the 2/3 class and that the younger class is more stressful on you. It never hurts to ask for what you want.
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