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tenderhearts 06:31 PM 01-08-2020
I am considering trying to find someone who I could use to fill in for me during appointments ect. In my state there are some requirements for someone to fill in, I have no idea how I would find someone to do this? someone who obviously need to be available when needed, has anyone every done this and have any ideas how I could find someone?
dolores 05:44 AM 01-09-2020
Occasionally I am in need of a substitute when my assistant needs to be off. In the past, we got subs from a child care staff agency which is VERY expensive. However we can't do that anymore due to new policy which states substitutes need to successfully complete the background checks and be cleared by DOH BEFORE they can work in daycare. Hard to find someone to complete this process to be on standby and available on very short notice for only 12-14 scattered days a year.

I guess someone in the neighborhood who is retired but still energetic and likes children is a good candidate but that's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Maybe inquire/put up a post at local community places, churches, grocery stores, library etc. Would like to hear too what others do about this.
tenderhearts 03:58 PM 01-09-2020
Thank you, it seems impossible but hoping I can maybe find someone. I have a friend willing to go through all the training needed however she doesn't live that close and she travels a fair amount so I worry that the few times I would need her she wouldn't be available. I will research and if I figure anything out I will post.
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