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Jshalesha 10:41 AM 01-21-2020
I'm finally starting my home daycare center, I'll be opening August 20th. I have a couple of questions. First, when is the right time to start advertising? Second, is it a good idea to offer an enrollment discount or a percentage off for the first month to stand out or should I stay away from that? Third, should I have parents pay a small enrollment fee?

Thank you.
Cat Herder 11:14 AM 01-21-2020
I would begin advertising towards the end of this school year. I do not recommend beginning with discounts. Why would your childcare be worth any less just because you are new? Go now as you intend to go forward.

I don't charge an enrollment fee as everything is included in tuition. Most that charge those use them with the expectation of parents using that to cover their last two weeks of childcare. I prefer the pay as you go format, payment up front on Mondays in advance for the week. If they leave mid-week, that is on them. No refunds are ever requested or due.
sunshst 08:40 PM 01-21-2020
I would start interviewing process immediately. I wish I knew then what I know now when I first started. You need to interview now and have children lined up for start in August. In area where I live families interview way ahead of time, I usually don't get to meet children during interviews since some of them are still just a concept in their parents minds, they are not even pregnant yet.
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