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Josiegirl 03:14 AM 12-31-2019
I don't read a lot of motivational type books; none that I get much out of anyways. But Rachel Hollis's book is very inspirational, charged, and funny too. If you are looking to change your life, or have a negative self image, it might be the ticket to helping you. If not, at least it's witty.
Baby Beluga 02:53 PM 01-20-2020
I bought it....but have not read it yet. It's been sitting on my desk forever. I have listened to some of her podcast "rise" and enjoyed what I listened to.
Ariana 05:27 AM 01-22-2020
My friend is a huge fan so I borrowed the book and listened to a few of her podcasts. I donít know why but she rubs me the wrong way. Not a fan!!

Glad you are liking it Josie! We all connect with different people so it is great that you resonate with her like my friend does
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