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Unregistered 06:49 PM 01-31-2020
have you ever had to report a director or well know and well liked person? Who no one would believe is doing the things they're doing? I have to and i'm scared. The lady has also been there for 20+ years and I'm sure some parents wouldn't even believe me about her. Nervous.
Michael 08:48 PM 01-31-2020
You are a mandatory reporter. Your state will be required to investigate. You have to put the children first.

Here are some other threads that may be helpful.
Josiegirl 03:07 AM 02-01-2020
Good luck to you!! I was never in that position but many others here have been and it never seems to amount to much. Especially if you're a new-ish employee. BUT you know what you need to do anyways. When it comes to working with children, they're the most important factor in the equation and caregivers are there to be their advocate.
At least the issues will come to light. Has anyone else ever reported this person? Are you reporting to the state agencies; hopefully they'll investigate your claims.
Again, good luck!!
Cat Herder 04:08 AM 02-01-2020
Do you have a job backup? I would recommend working on that, now. I don't mean that in an ugly way, just that however the report is received (substantiated or not), continuing to work there most likely will not be an option. Bad leadership creates a culture that must be wiped clean for the restart.

You are a mandated reporter so if you don't report and it is proven you should have you can also be charged. Also, as a child advocate, we all have the personal responsibility of policing our own.

It can be scary, but if you are witnessing child abuse, please report.
Unregistered 07:31 AM 02-01-2020
My center has sub directors with in the center. If that makes sense. So we have a main director who is the leader of the whole preschool , then we have a infant and tots director, a 2 year old director and so on.
Unregistered 06:51 AM 02-02-2020
I had to report someone who worked for my boss, who my boss was protecting. Speaking out cost me in a number of ways both personally and professionally. She was a long time director and extremely well liked and respected. When I went to her to discuss my concerns she at first seemed like she cared, but she then became irritated when I wouldnt change my mind that this person was ok to care for, let alone be alone with, the kids.

So though I didn't report her, I essentially went over her head to the parents and that made her look bad obviously. And it made me look bad to some people as well. It was a bad situation all around.

It was a horrible experience and I hated doing it.But my advice to you is- If it has to do with keeping kids safe, report. It's not easy but it's the right thing to do. There's nothing more important than keeping kids safe.

Good luck.
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