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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Update on Reporting the Two Teachers. I'm Out of a Job
Unregistered 05:43 PM 02-03-2020
So they investigated and I was the only teacher to come forward out of the other witnesses. I was fighting alone and made a big thing. Anyways I stupidly told the director I was the reporter blah blah. Then the CEO and he came in he lady didn't seem to believe me and the CEO was bullshitting me saying "we want what's best for u. Do u want to resign or do u think u can continue working and short it out " or some shit like that.

The director was there and said nothing. I was up against ladies who've worked there longer than I've been alive. I quit and they had me write a letter that said "this isnt the right fit" I told them ever center was like this and I won't be doing early childhood again.

I felt like the CEO just wanted me quiet and I never put anything before my morals so I'm not gonna stay quiet. Whatever now people are gonna think I was investigated. No one spoke up but me. I'm so upset I didn't want to leave but. It's bitter sweet honestly I was so unhappy but I loved my kids.
Michael 07:07 PM 02-03-2020
You sacrificed for your principles. I hope that your effort helps this facility and the children there. Hopefully you will find yourself in a better situation in the near future. If you feel you were treated unfairly by the CEO/Director, call your state labor board. Thanks for the update.
Cat Herder 02:26 AM 02-04-2020
Licensing will still have the record, so the next time someone comes forward, it will probably be better investigated. The employees were put on blast and will be watched closely for some time to come. You shoveled gravel for the next person, you did make a difference, even if you can't see it, now.
Josiegirl 02:35 AM 02-04-2020
You might be out of a job but you know you did what was right. You were the advocate for those children and were the only one brave enough to risk everything. Shame on the others who chose to hide.

You stood up and made a difference; it might not be immediately noticeable but it will benefit the children. If nothing else, just maybe it'll give the center an opportunity to change their ways.

Better things will be in store for you!! It took a strong person to do what you did.
Ariana 05:18 AM 02-04-2020
You did the right thing! Do you know how rare that is?!

I am sorry it went the way it did, it seems like the bad guys always win

Snowmom 06:23 AM 02-04-2020
Along with what everyone else said:
They wanted you to quit for unemployment purposes. If you wouldn't have quit, they would have let you go.
Rockgirl 07:59 AM 02-04-2020
Thank you for doing what was right for the kids!

You weren’t required to write a notice that stated what they wanted it to say. They’re just trying to cover themselves.
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