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BlueChairBlessings 02:32 PM 02-19-2020
Dcd picks up once or twice a week and whenever I mention rest time and dcb falling asleep, I get the "Great, now he'll never go to bed tonight." Every. Time. So now it's like I make a point to mention his son was the first to fall asleep and he makes a point to let me know they apparently can't take control of bedtime in their home 🤷
Cat Herder 02:41 PM 02-19-2020
"He had a good day. Here is his free art. Have a great night." Unless asked a question specifically, minimal information makes for a peaceful departure.

I save the rest for conferences.
Josiegirl 03:06 AM 02-20-2020
Yep, agree with CH. The more you tell, the more they can pick apart, manipulate or become passive-aggressive about.
Tags:nap, parent - its a verb, sleep deprived
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