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SproutsLove 11:32 AM 03-09-2020
I currently take kids from 645 am until about 530pm. I started with 2 who would stay until 515 2 or 3 days a week. I took on a baby and the parent gets off work at 5pm and is not here until 525. When we had our initial meeting it was decides that she would pick up right after work, a little after 5. 525 is not a little after 5. I have had the first 2 until 515 for almost a year, ideally I would like to term them. There are a bunch of issues and those issues are growing. I'm now being pulled into custody drama which I made clear I want no part of. The baby I keep is a handful. Cries all evening, freak out crying if you even speak too loudly. The other 2 are just a handful an hour before pick up and even worse at pick up, like clawing, swearing, hitting, running out of the daycare room, just awful. I am done with it.
I want to cut my hours and I know it will effect them negatively. Both parents do not get off working until 5 and dont have any other real options for pick up. I am almost hoping they pull out. I have my own children and cannot even get their dinner or anything done because I have to physically restrain the 3 year old before and during pick up.

How would I go about letting them know I will no longer care for them past 430? I do not have open and close times, its contracted per family. What amount of time should I give them to figure it out after the notice? 2 weeks? 30 days?
Ariana 12:31 PM 03-09-2020
Two weeks notice is plenty! Give them an email that you will be changing your times effective X date for personal reasons.
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