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grammyt 01:29 PM 03-09-2020
Hi all! I have been babysitting for almost 20 years now. I have had success and downfalls lol. I have never been licensed or registered. i am now doing the paper work for Mississippi. I have to do the Health dept. 1st, then on to family services. I am going to be registered, I really dont want more than 4 children at any time. I have always charged $20 a day and I feed the children. The paperwork wants to know what my fees are. I have had other moms tell me that I need to at least put $30 a day. any ideas?
at this moment I am so confused. Thanks!!
Ariana 09:15 AM 03-10-2020
Maybe see what others in your area are charging and go from there based on your qualifications and quality of programming.
Cat Herder 09:25 AM 03-10-2020
I just pulled up an average rate site and it says $166 per week is the average for Mississippi. Some higher, some lower.

$35 per day sounds reasonable to me.

My state average is $92 per week, so $19 per day. Subsidy pays $67 per week, so that tends to keep most from raising prices, fear of private payors realizing that. I am not sure they will be able to keep most in line that way much longer. The sheep are finally catching on.
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