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littlefriends 07:01 AM 05-07-2020
I have just 1-2 kids here right now since everyone else decided to keep their kids home during the stay at home order. So I've just been letting them play with a few things that are very easy to disinfect after each play time. Next week many kids are coming back so I will have 8-9 here. How are you all keeping toys clean? Are you restricting what they can play with? Are you trying to keep the kids separated at all?
Michael 11:19 AM 05-07-2020
Here are the guidelines for daycare from the CDC.
Cat Herder 04:45 PM 05-07-2020
I put away all dress-up clothes, wooden toys, soft toys, cloth books, play rugs and all soft seating options. I kept out all submersibles.

We play in rotations with each set of toys (legos/duplos, gears, animals, little people, plastic manipulatives, etc) going into the tub with bleach to soak, then dry overnight in front of box fans. *Put them in mesh laundry bags before dunking. Drain in the bag. Dump them on clean towels and spread out well for drying. Easy. Peasy.

Anything that can't be dunked is wiped, sprayed and allowed to air dry. Getting rid of play rugs means mopping with a disinfectant is super easy.
littlefriends 04:18 AM 05-08-2020
Thanks for that link, Michael! I put away all soft toys last night and will be keeping only my dunkable toys out. I even put books away. I will admit this bug has gotten me paranoid. I'm not usually super crazy about germs but this one seems to be getting to me
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