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Unregistered 11:53 AM 07-05-2020
Meat is frustrating me. I am serving turkey and chicken slices. Seems harmless especially if chicken nuggets are servable. In all the papers for USDA I am seeing "if it is in the list" (which is vague, and I downloaded the food buying app and it was like 10 pages long) or CN label.

I cant find anything with a CN label in Fred Meyer (Kroger) or Walmart. Is just regular turkey and chicken fine?

I am also doing canned chicken in a meal-- any issues with that?
Unregistered 12:18 PM 07-05-2020
I also want to ask about WGR. I get "rule of 3" in a sense...but it messes me up of something qualifies but does not list the 2nd and 3rd. So example would Franz 100% whole wheat english muffins count? It is only the first ingredient but it says whole....
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