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Mariposa 07:31 AM 07-06-2020
An idea to go along weekly themes:

*Have an underlining theme such as honesty, integrity, etc.

*I do daily categories of my weekly themes:

Music & Movement Mondays
To The Moon|Take 5 Tuesday and Thursdays (STREAM or SCREAM as I call it-my expansion of STEAM or STEM)
Writing Wednesdays
Fun Fridays -additional activities of any kind.

I did a years worth of curriculum last month for both school age and preschool for the year and found that 98% of the time I was able to follow the model. But for me I will only have a 2 hour preschool program so I am pretty limited on how many activities I can do, but figuring out what I can incorporate in free play and outside vs instructional time played a good role in expanding the amount of activities.
Tags:character education
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