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Curriculum>Activities for a Health Unit?
AmyKidsCo 12:21 PM 03-24-2020
Next month instead of Spring/Easter I thought I'd do Health, but I'm not finding many activities that trip my trigger.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Michael 12:56 PM 03-24-2020
Maybe some of these:
Cat Herder 01:24 PM 03-24-2020
I think I am going to pull the easy trigger and do the bundle deal from TPT. It has "Growing and changing", "Keeping myself safe", "Keeping myself healthy" and "Talking about emotions". Each has 8 sub topics. $40 and should round out the next several years for health.
AmyKidsCo 01:24 PM 03-24-2020
Thanks Michael!
storybookending 04:01 PM 03-24-2020
I like the tie the bread experiment in with the health unit when talking about germs

p.s. my local newspaper posted an article today and I was half way through reading it when I realized you were the Amy that they interviewed!
Mariposa 09:49 PM 07-08-2020
This is old but for me, I have a 5 senses theme coming up:

August has National Smile Week, and the following awareness months: wellness, immunization, eye health, and eye exam.

M AM: Marco Polo | Sound Hide and Seek
PM: Scavenger Hunt | Drum Sound

T AM: Decoupage Planters
PM: Observation Cards | Blind Taste Test

W AM: Guess the Smells & Record | Brush
Baby’s Teeth
P M: Braille Gems –Write Name

T AM: Germs + Food = Cavities | Sticky &
Non Sticky Demonstration
PM: Herbs & Spices Playdough

F AM: Glass Candy
PM: Create Your Own Candy Bar

Baby teeth: print out a pic of a clipart of a baby with an open mouth (crying perhaps) and attach white beans for teeth. Squirt on some blue paint and give them a toothbrush.
Friday activities are for taste not health, ha. I need to switch the playdough with Tuesday to last longer within the week.

Toothbrush painting: Use white foam on top of a laminated picture of a tooth.

Also, toothbrushes in drama play, outside for cleaning, and in the art area -well supervised
D so it wont be in their mouths.
February is national dentist month so we will do this:

M: closed
T: • Toothbrush Toy Cleaning
• Toothbrush Painting
W: • Toothbrush Sand Writing

Th: • Playdough Flossing
• Hammer “Teeth”

F: • “Race to Lose a Tooth” Game
• Brush Baby’s Teeth

Race to lose a tooth: Create a mouth –a big pink oval. Put marshmallows around as teeth. Roll a die, and remove that number of teeth. Make like 20-30 teeth. Can do in pairs to promote cooperative play.
School age:
M: AM: Dance to “Smile” by Vitamin C | Make
PM: Toothfairy Tag
T: AM: Pop Bottle Tooth ~ Paint White
PM: Pop Bottle Tooth ~ Add a Face
W: AM: Would You Rather? (Marshmallow Teeth or Brush w/Gravy?)
PM: Would You Rather? (Only Have Baby Teeth or Spike Teeth?)
Th: AM: Playdough Floss
PM: Elephant Toothpaste
F: AM: “Race To Lose a Tooth” Game
PM: Make a Toothfairy
Other Fun: Sugar-Free (Xylitol) Gum Guessing Jar

Pop bottle tooth-use botto of a pop bottle to make a tooth.
Mariposa 09:52 PM 07-08-2020
Hammer teeth-playdough and golf tees
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