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randyspringer 09:45 PM 07-29-2020
Hi, does anyone have any tips on teaching students to read if we can't go close to them?? Ive seen someone have a book under plexiglass and they turn the pages so there's no kids touching it. I also thought about online books and having them look at the same screen I am looking at on a separate device, big books, etc. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!
Michael 12:20 AM 07-30-2020
Welcome to the forum. Here are some previous threads for Reading. There are several with tips:
Cat Herder 05:00 AM 07-30-2020
Classroom Projectors were what was used when I was in school. There were not enough books for the kids to each have one.

Digital Whiteboards and Smartboards are in many classrooms, now.

Tablets and laptops and seem to be the most common solution, though.
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